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Zung Self-Rated Anxiety Scale

The Zung Self-Rating Anxiety Scale is a widely used anxiety screening tool that is recognized by physicians worldwide. After you complete this assessment, you may save your results, then return at a later time to compare changes in your responses.

The Zung Self-Rating Anxiety Scale is a general gauge of anxiety, and in no way should be used as a substitute for the clinical expertise of a trained healthcare provider. This tool is best used in conjunction with the active participation with a mental health professional (e.g., Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Social Worker, etc).

Additionally, the screening tool on this website is not appropriate for, and should not be completed by, persons under 18 years of age. Persons under the age 18 who think that they may be depressed or suffering from any psychiatric disorder or illness are urged to talk with their parents or guardian about seeking evaluation from a doctor or qualified mental health professional. I have read, I understand, and I agree to the terms of the information on this page.

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