How Do I Begin Chatting?

1. Choose Your AI Persona: Once you've decided which AI persona you want to chat with, click on the "Start" or "Chat Now" button associated with that persona. This will initiate the conversation with the selected AI.

2. Start Chatting: A chat interface will open, and you'll be greeted by the AI persona. You can now start the conversation by typing your message in the chatbox and hitting the "Enter" key to send it.

3. Chat Casually: Engage in a casual and conversational manner with the AI persona. Treat it like you would with a real person, sharing details and information relevant to the topic you wish to explore.

4. Share Details: To get the best results and personalized insights, be open and detailed in your responses. The AI persona's understanding is based on the information you provide during the chat.

5. Progress Bar: As you engage in the conversation, you'll see a progress bar that indicates the completion of the chat. Feel free to continue chatting even after the progress bar is complete. However, for a more accurate score, we recommend answering at least 10 questions during the conversation. This will ensure that the AI persona has enough information to provide you with insightful results.

6. Get Score: After you've had a substantial conversation with the AI persona, you'll have the option to click on the "Get Score" button.

7. Receive Results: Based on the analysis of your conversation, the AI persona will provide you with a score and may offer personalized recommendations or insights.

Am I Chatting with a Real Person?

No, you are not chatting with a real person. However, the AI persona you are interacting with is designed to offer comfort and guidance. While not an actual human being, the AI persona is programmed to provide empathetic responses and supportive interactions. Through advanced AI technology, it aims to understand your needs and concerns, offering valuable insights and guidance to assist you on your journey.

What Bot Should I Talk to If I Just Want to Have a Conversation?

If you just want to have a casual and friendly conversation, the AI persona bot "Aida" is the perfect choice for you. Aida is designed to be a comforting presence and a virtual friend in your digital world. With her warm and empathetic demeanor, she creates a safe space for you to share your thoughts, concerns, and experiences.

Aida is more than just an advanced artificial intelligence; she's here to listen attentively and respond with kindness. Whether you need someone to talk to, seek advice, or simply want to engage in a friendly chat, Aida is there to make you feel heard and valued.

What is the Privacy Policy?

See the Privacy Policy here.