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Information about Sandra Blood MA, LCPC

You are one step away from getting some advice for the questions that has been concerning you or someone you care about. Don't worry, your questions are private and will be held in confidence. You can learn more about my practice by reviewing my page on the Therapist Directory - click here to read my page.

Payment information is provided in the table below. Payments are made securely through PayPal, where you can use a PayPal account or a major credit card.

Number of Sessions Rate per Session Total Charges  
1 Session 30 30 Order
3 sessions 75 225 Order
5 sessions 105 525 Order

A session consists of one question from the user and one answer from the therapists. Follow-up questions are generally considered to be an additional session.

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Session fees are set by, and collected by, each therapist. helps you find the right therapist, but we are not involved in setting or collecting fees.