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William Weiner, Ph.D.
Licensed Social Worker (New York: 020102)

My stress management program includes the use of biofeedback, mediation, Yoga andHypnotherapy for hypertension as well as teaching a more relaxed state of being.  Biofeedback teaches you how to reduce everyday tension by using signals from yourown body.  I teach my clients to meditate and do yoga exercise to facilitate learningthe true connection between body-mind-spirit.  Hypnotherapy is also used for stopsmoking and weight loss.  Achieve the control and harmony you need for a creative,stress-reduced, balanced life.  Psychotherapy with couples, families and individualsis solution oriented.

I am fluent in German and Yiddish. Oxford G.H.I. and most other insurance accepted.  Daytime, Evening and Sunday hours available.

William Weiner, CSW Ph.D.
383 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn, NY  11218-4701



Additional information

383 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11218

(718) 856-5797


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