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Philip Murphy, Ph.d.
Licensed Psychologist (Tennessee: 1402)

Dr. Phil Murphy is a clinical psychologist and MBA candidate with over 15 years ofexperience working in the field of psychology. During those 15 years he has worked withindividuals, groups, and couples. The people he has helped ranged in age from 3 years oldto 80 years old.

There are two major focuses in Dr. Murphy's practice - family issues, including maritaltherapy and business psychology consultation. Dr. Murphy works with business professionalsto help them improve people skills and to enhance leadership/management skills. Heparticularly enjoys working with family businesses.

Dr. Murphy tailors his approach to your needs and circumstances. Psychotherpy sessions areprovided in his office. However, consultation and coaching services can be provided overthe phone. Dr. Murphy also provides evening appointment times.

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328 E. Poplar View Ln., Suite 1
Collierville, TN 38017

(901) 854-8707

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