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Leslie Weiner, LCSW
Licensed Social Worker (Florida: SW7448)

The most important aspect of my work is in creating a safe, nurturing and compassionate space for the healing power of relationship to unfold. I believe we all have within us the ability to create the happiness in our lives that we have always dreamed of. We just need a little help to become more aware of the conditioned patterns that are not working for us so we can change them and create new patterns that are much more satisfying.

I am a Gestalt psychotherapist, a Kabbalistic healer experienced with individuals, couples, families and groups. I specialize in survivors of sexual abuse and dissociative disorders. I've practiced meditation for 30 years and have extensive experience teaching spiritual methods and various healing modalities. I am warm, caring, nurturing and compassionate.

What is unique about me is my wisdom, expert Gestalt training and teaching experience, my compassion, sense of humor, ability to be real and self disclosing (when appropriate) and my years of spiritual studies that help me to be present in a very deep and contactful way.


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15762 Glen Willow Lane
Wellington, FL 33414

(561) 371-6009

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