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Sally Hunter, MSW, LISW
Licensed Social Worker (Ohio: I.0000477)

I am an Ohio Licensed Independent Social Worker in full-timeprivate practice with 25 years of clinical experience workingwith adults in individual, couple, and group psychotherapy.

My approach is a cognitive-behavioral one in which I work towardhelping people challenge some of their self-defeatingideas and behaviors so that they can find new ways of thinkingabout themselves and their concerns and better ways of dealing with the problems in their lives. I generally focuson the here and now and work in a solution-focused way, usingthe strengths and abilities of the individual.

My practice involves those experiencing depression, anxiety,relationship problems, work stress, grief, loss, lack of assertiveness,low self esteem, and parents, spouses and adult children of substance abusers.

I am a Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work and am coveredunder most managed care and traditional insurance companies. Forthose not wishing to go through insurance, I would consider negotiatinga fee if necessary.


Additional information

3454 Oak Alley Ct
Toledo, OH 43606

(419) 885-5185


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