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New York Psychotherapy Group

The New York Psychotherapy Group is an association of experienced therapists offering a full range of Psychotherapy and Counseling services at moderate cost since 1976. We are small enough to be personal and responsive, and large enough to meet your individual needs. We begin with an initial consultation which helps us match you with the right therapist for your particular situation.
We believe that people can best solve their problems, change and grow in an environment which facilitates understanding and exploration of their concerns. Our focus is on the whole person, growth, change, and quality of life, as well as problem solving and symptom reduction.

Our therapists are located in their own private offices convenient to transportation throughout the New York City area. They employ a variety of treatment approaches, thus enabling us to make a good match. Unlike Managed Care Companies, we personally know each of our therapists and they have been carefully, chosen for their skill and training, as well as their commitment to help you lead a more rewarding life. If you are insured by a managed care network, we will refer you to one of our therapists who is also a listed provider with your managed care company. Therefore, you can have both a therapist specifically chosen for you and, if you wish, one who will work with your insurance company. Please fell free to contact one of our therapists by phone or e-mail to ask questions and have an opportunity to speak with us more directly.


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29 Fifth Avenue
New York City, NY 10003

(212) 673-0884

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