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NEW! Now you can offer professional advice online

Traditional, face-to-face therapy is not an option for everyone. Every day we get requests from individuals who would like to communicate online with a therapist. Now we can offer a way to match those individuals with therapists who can help.

Psychology.com's new Professional Advice brings therapists and clients together online.

Here's how it works:

  • You sign up for Professional Advice (it's free with your extended listing)
  • You set your price per session.

  • A client finds you through our search, purchases sessions, and then asks you a question. One question = one session.

  • You reply within 48 hours (all communication is done through Psychology.com's Professional Advice center to help maintain confidentiality.

  • Funds are transferred directly from the client to you via PayPal. We chose PayPal to help provide security and confidentiality. (Psychology.com charges you a modest fee for each session, to be billed monthly)