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LOVE’S 4 Magnetic Forces Creating a Strong, Healthy Relationship

by Dr. Ilona L. Tobin

In this technological age,  people are socially detached, device addicted and career driven. They are feeling personally disconnected, experiencing more anxiety, depression and loneliness than ever before.  This is fostering an impulsive desperation to connect with anyone whether via a device or in person, with poor results.

In my forthcoming book, LOVE’S’ 4 MAGNETIC FORCES Creating a Strong Healthy Relationship, I share my knowledge and professional experience as a licensed psychologist and marriage & family counselor for more than thirty (30) years by helping readers in a step by step process of dating, evaluating and selecting the best lifetime partner using LOVE’S 4 Magnetic Forces as a tool.  Assessment tests are also provided so the reader can evaluate prospective partners.  Those already in relationships can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses to make their relationship more pleasurable and enduring.

Look for this book on Amazon, in the fall.  A definite date will be forthcoming.



Ilona Tobin has been a psychologist and a marriage and family therapist for more than 25 years in Birmingham, Michigan. For more information, please visit her listing on the Therapist Directory.

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